Has a mortgage company dropped the ball and your closing is in jeopardy?

Don’t give up yet. Our trauma team is standing by!

There is still time to close but we need to talk soon!

Don’t wait – every hour in this process is precious.


Here is the process, completed in 4 hours or less:

  • Our experienced Loan Officer interviews the buyer’s agent and the buyer to assess the issues that are impacting the buyers closing date or approval.

  • We complete an assessment of the buyers’ qualifications focusing on a corrective plan to put the loan and closing back on track.

  • Buyer(s) completes the loan application process and submits qualifying documents.

  • Our Zenith ops team reaches out to the prior lender to gather any additional documentation that may be helpful in speeding the process.

  • Our emergency underwriting team is standing by ready to review and render a decision. Our goal is to give the parties confidence to move forward, or worse case, let everyone know if there is no hope at all.

The key is SPEED – and no one can work faster and be more accurate than Zenith Home Loans.

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