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Home Financing Benefits for Colorado Companies

                Invest in Your People by Helping
                Them Invest in Their Home

                Our core purpose at Zenith Home Loans is to have a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives. As a local Colorado-based business, we are focused on helping the businesses in our community thrive by making homebuying a reality for hardworking folks who want to lay their roots down Mile High. We’d love to partner with your organization to extend this program as an employee benefit — at no cost to you.

                Explore the Program’s Key Benefits below:

                Homeownership is the great equalizer. The confidence that comes from claiming your own castle translates to happier, more productive and more stable people who want to grow with their employer.

                Homeowners become attached and invested in the communities they’ve bought into. It’s good for them.

                And you pay nothing to provide this benefit, so it’s good for business, too.

                The first time any member of your company closes their loan with Zenith, we will happily extend a $1,000 closing cost credit to them.

                It’s our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood.

                And should they choose to refinance that mortgage at any time in the future, we’ll waive all lender and appraisal fees saving them over $2,000.

                Knowing your lender is a trusted neighbor genuinely makes the process of buying or refinancing a home much less stressful – and time consuming. This creates more productive and happier employees. The ultimate win/win scenario.

                To simplify the process, Zenith will build a custom website that puts your organization’s identity front and center. Together, we will present the benefits of homeownership and how our collaborative program turns dreams into reality.

                Empowerment builds loyalty. And loyal employees stick around.

                At Zenith, we’re not just interested in closing deals today. We care about the future success of your employees and the prosperity of our community.

                To extend our service and sustain momentum, we will provide — at no cost — a monthly email that empowers your team with personalized home finance insights. It also facilitates engagement with the experts that can help them manage this asset — their loan officer.

                This is a benefit we’d extend to all of your employees – from homeowners to renters considering a purchase down the road.

                Knowledge is power. In homebuying, it brings the ability and confidence to make smart decisions for your family and your future.

                We take great pride on sharing the insights we’ve gained through our extensive experience in the Colorado housing market. We’d love to organize custom on-site or virtual classes for your staff on a variety of topics: First Time Home Buying, Down Payment Assistance Programs, Refinance 101, and more. School’s in session.

                Collaboration is at our core. And it doesn’t end at the closing table.

                Once you’re settled in your new home, we’ll keep the lines of communication open with an Annual Mortgage Review. Together, we’ll take a progress report on your loan and update our accounts to ensure you’re always leveraging your real estate and mortgage for maximum benefit.

                With our Zenith For Life program, we’ll waive all Lender and Appraisal fees anytime you do another loan on a property we’ve financed in the past.

                We’re invested in each other.

                Working Together for CO

                Through focus and experience, we’re deeply rooted in managing local transactions and ensuring a smooth stress-free closing ever time.

                You’ll get to know the real people working hard on your behalf – from in-house processing and underwriting through to closing and funding. We’re not a mega-lender, scattered around the country or in call centers overseas. Our dedicated Denver-based team has been together as far back as 2002. Collaboration is our cornerstone. And our process is proven. We’re always ready to answer the call.

                Home financing involves three of the most important things in your life: money, home, and family. We know first-hand how important they are to you. That’s why you’ll be treated like family. We’ve got your back. Relax and enjoy the ride.

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