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Three Reasons Why You Need a Realtor

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While there are many things that you can do own your own or ‘DIY’ – there are other things that are simply best left to trained professionals.  It seems like there is a tutorial on the internet for everything today.  And, while you may theoretically be able to get all the information that you need to buy a home without a realtor, there are many reasons why it is still a bad idea.  I could tell you how to do surgery but that does not mean that you should operate on someone.  And, while home buying is very different from surgery, there are legal aspects that are complicated and other education and experience that make the process far better.  Below are 3 reasons you need a realtor when buying a home.

Three Reasons You Need a Realtor

1. Specialized Education and Training

While anyone can go to school and become a realtor, not everyone has.  Therefore, most people that are not realtors do not have the education and training that informs the home buying process and helps make wise decisions.  Hiring a trained and experienced realtor will help save you time, possibly save you money, and will make the home buying process much more smooth.

2. Experience with Negotiating Home Contracts

There is far more to buying a home than putting in an offer and getting it accepted.  There are negotiations with the other agent and homeowners, inspections, legal aspects and contracts involved.  This is one of the most significant reasons to hire a realtor and is where individuals who try to avoid hiring a realtor most often get tripped up.  Buying a home is a major life decision and possibly one of the biggest expenses you will have in your lifetime so you want to ensure that everything is properly negotiated and that all legal aspects have been handled correctly.

3. Insider Industry Knowledge and Connections

How much do you know about the neighborhoods in which you are looking to buy homes?  An experienced and knowledgeable realtor will know about neighborhood pricing, schools, crime, etc.  And, not only will they possess a great deal of knowledge that you likely do not have since you do not work in the industry, but they also have industry connections and have networked with other agents which may help you find the ideal home more quickly, connect you with reputable people such as home inspectors, lenders, etc., and help you get the best price.

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