Zenith Home Loans Recruitment

The transferring of databases can be stressful for loan officers moving company. Be rest assured that we are VERY experienced in how to move databases most effectively, most accurately, and most importantly, quickly. Your database will be uploaded and cleaned up by our team of experts so that starting day one, you will be ready to go!

With databases, our goal is to manage it for loan officers. From scrubbing a database to uploading it to the appropriate systems, we put your database to work for you. By utilizing all of the tools that are available within the marketing department, in conjunction with a database, marketing is able to happen from day one. In addition, through our systems integrations, databases will continue to grow with very little effort on behalf of the loan officers. 

Through our comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing platform, we turn your database into a living thing! Well….sort of. Your database starts to work FOR YOU from day one. Once all your contacts are loaded, emails, texts, videos, etc. can all start to be sent out. And we don’t want to brag, but you will see action from your database like you have never seen before! We also understand that your database might be in rough shape, but don’t worry. We will clean, scrub, and re-enter your entire database if need be to get it to where it needs to be!

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