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Zenith Marketing Department

Welcome to the Marketing Department. We all know that marketing can be done without a marketing team, but absent a team of experts, it’s like sitting in the dark and expecting people to find you without a light.

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Zenith Marketing Department

The Marketing department at Zenith adheres to an admin-led
marketing philosophy, meaning that they do the work for you. The loan origination process is a full time job, leaving you little time to effectively generate leads and capture referrals. Loan officers using Top of Mind to automate and simplify their marketing close twice as many loans as those who do not.

Through the Top of Mind system, you have access to a suite of features designed specifically to help mortgage professionals market to their database, improve referral relationships, and close more loans.


  • Unleash your potential with Power Messaging
  • Automate lead capture with Forms
  • Mine your database with ease with Rate Alerts
  • Add and manage contacts from anywhere with Surefire Mobile


  • Dazzle your prospects, clients, and partners with dynamic, relevant, and fun interactives, video, calculators, and games
  • Generate professional quality flyers with a click of a button
  • Easily share updates and content to your social media pages directly from the media library
  • Choose from hundreds of email templates to send professional
    communications without having to spend an hour Googling and typing


  • Automate your database marketing
  • Benefit from constant, intelligent monitoring of your entire database
  • Receive notifications when a client’s home is listed or when they
    trigger a credit inquiry


  • Keep your referral partners engaged with targeted campaigns
    and co-branded content
  • Build your own workflow or use an existing one to strengthen
    your partner relationships
  • Access personalized, exclusive, digital and print marketing
    pieces to boost your co-branding efforts


  • Lead capture forms / Mortgage industry focus
  • Immediate response through automated workflows, including
    multi-channel response through text messages
  • Forms for referral partners

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