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#49 Goals – Start with Why


I’ve spent the last couple of Friday Focus posts talking about goals because we are coming to that time of year where people typically will make New Year’s Resolutions. And for most of the population, those resolutions are usually forgotten in a few short weeks. The most obvious evidence of this is at your friendly neighborhood health club.

On January 1st, health clubs all over the world are packed with people that have committed to changing their health. These people always start the year with the best of intentions. But by February 1st, the crowds are thinning out, and by March 1st, the activity is back to normal. So what happened? And why does it happen year after year?

I’m not going to write about all the things you can do to execute a goal better. Instead, I want to talk about having a goal that is powered by a big “Why.” Here is what that “Why” looked like for me…



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