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If you are considering a refinance you are probably wondering how much you would save on your current loan. Interest rates are at an all time low which could mean it could be a great time to refinance your mortgage. A quick and easy way to find out if it makes sense for you is by using our refinance calculator.
Refinancing your mortgage can helpful option that can help you save money over the duration of your mortgage.  This will allowing you to obtain a new lower interest rate which will help reduce your monthly payments.
Our refinance calculator can help you estimate how much you could actually save. It compares your current loan to a hypothetical new loan. There definitely ais pros and cons of refinancing your mortgage, you will need to make the decision you make is best for you and your situation by having that conversation with one of our mortgage experts.

How to use the refinance calculator

In order to use the refinance calculator you simply plug in numbers for your current loan on your house and desired loan amounts based on average rates. Then we’ll calculate the difference in your payment.The months it will take you to break even on your costs, and even the rate of return on your costs. 

If you have any other questions regarding refinancing  our team of mortgage experts are here standing by to help you save money by refinancing your mortgage.

If you would like a more accurate qoute, talk to a loan officer today.

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